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Dangbei expert team is with 144 professionals over ten years of development experience in High-tech like Tencent and Huawei.We are familiar with artificial intelligence to bring the latest product experience.

Whether you need a customized UI,operating system,or a specialized business application (bar,hotel,kids,etc.),you can depend on our flexible support.


At DangBei,we develop the hardware performance to the extreme from the ID, configuration,decoding, compatibility,safety to stability.

We provide a variety of structural designs,EMC and safety solutions to suit different markets and your brand.

If you have your brand design or need a new design,we can help you to work it out with our valuable experience with A-brands.

Quality Assurance

Dangbei treats quality as the priority along with our seven-year history from the supply chain management,product design,to mass production.

-Select materials,parts,and suppliers strategically

-Test from engineering to launch stage with standard and data

-IQC, QC on the process and outgoing QC for mass production Our quality engineers ensure qualified products before delivery.