DangBei Projector F1

Overview Parameter

Big Screen and Extraordinary Sound

  • 1400ANSI Lumens

  • compatible with 4K

  • Faster and Smoother (3G/32G)

  • Autofocus/ Keystone Correction

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8 Reasons to Choose DangBei F1

Care your needs in innovative hardware and Dangebei software which serves over 300million global users.

Amazing Flagship Configuration

Brilliant images and efficient operation enabled by Dangbei exclusive design. A flagship configuration equipped with powerful 4K decoding TV chipset and built-in 3G/ 32GB memory and evolved cooling system.

WOW and Care Your Eyes

The Dangbei F1 Home theater is 1400ANSL Lumens and supports full HD image up to 1920 X1080pixels and HDR technology. Enter a new level of visual enjoyment in the daytime.

Diffuse Reflection Imaging for Eye Care

Avoid eye irritation from the direct light source for comfortable long viewing

LED Screen

Spontaneous light for direct eye exposure

DangBei Projector F1

Diffuse Reflection Imaging

Eye Care

See In Giant View

No more worry about small screen, 80 or 120 inch you decide the size.

Simple To Start

You can see a clear image once the device is on as the built-in high-resolution camera and high-precision focusing motor enable its automatic focus. Free your hand.

Innovative integration of intelligent projection and AI speaker

Turn off for AI speaker to listen to music, radio and cross talk;smart and clever for intelligent entertainment.

*Intelligent dialogue only supported when the screen is off.
  • “Louder”
  • “How’s the weather today?”
  • “Listen to children’s story”
  • “Play songs by Li Ronghao”
  • “Play the latest news”
  • “Listen to cross talk”

AI above is the Chinese version. The global version is updated.

AI above is the Chinese version. The global version is updated.

DangBei AI, a Considerate System

Equipped with DangBei OS system, new voice and UI interaction design; DangBei Big Data recommends targeted contents based on the user habit.

AI above is the Chinese version. The global version is updated.

Broader correction range with Less position limitation

Adopts i-chips advanced keystone correction chip with a broader range up to ±45° projection both vertically and horizontally.

Superior image & durable quality

Adopt RGBB four-channel HB light source solution for great viewing experience even in the daytime. Osram LED lighting has life up to 30,000 hours, and can be used for 10 years if using 8 hours a day.

Intelligent Cooling System

The intelligent temperature control system composes of 300g pure copper radiator and AVC imported fan, detects the temperature of optical machine and CPU in real time, and adjusts the fan seamlessly to ensure the excellent operation of each precision part.

Multi-type efficient transport interfaces to meet various use needs

Equipped with HDMI 2.0, support ARC digital audio output, Dual USB3.0 interface, easy to read USB flash disk, mobile hard disk for more connection methods.

Cast your screen for an amazing moment

Share photos and videos by mobile phone to recall every happy moment together.