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Dangbei · 24 Jun 2020

Three minutes will show you the importance of projector heat dissipation

There is a defect in all high-power electronic products that is the heat of the equipment.

There is also such a problem with smart projectors, and heat dissipation plays an important role in these products.

If the projector does not have a cooling system, it will greatly affect the life of the projector.

Let's take a look at the effects of overheating.


Damage to projection brightness and color

As most of the smart home projectors combine with the led light source, the overheating of the projector will seriously impact on the brightness and color.

The reason is the red light source in the LED light source is particularly affected by the temperature, whatever too high or too low will make it lose its brightness, at the same time the green light source of LED and the blue light source will reduce the brightness in order to maintain the color balance. With the decrease brightness of the tricolor light source, the projector is naturally dim.

And if the green and blue light sources do not reduce the brightness for the first time to maintain the color balance, then the color of the projection screen will appear color deviation.

Damage to electronic components

The temperature resistance of the projector electronic components is also limited.

The electronic components keep high temperatures long-term, which will not only deform electronic components due to poor heat dissipation but also have a great impact on the projection picture quality.

In serious cases, it will make the projector stutter, force the computer to shut down, and so on.

The reason is the processing chip, in the case of ultra-high temperature, the clock frequency of the chip will be greatly reduced, causing the projector to stutter.

The next step will trigger the self-protection function of the chip and force the computer to shut down.



The above consequences tell us that heat dissipation plays an important role in the projector.

When buying a projection, be sure to consider the effect of heat dissipation. A projector with an excellent cooling system will naturally enhance life.

Of course, the daily dust cleaning of the projector should be done, and we can't just rely on the heat dissipation of the projector itself.