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Dangbei · 08 Jun 2020

The Pub or Bar Projection Tips

Who doesn't love a live game camaraderie? While some may visit the pub because some main fixtures are only shown on subscription channels, others are simply attracted to the experience of watching sports with their mates in their local pub or bar.

The experience of a live game, spent in the company of other devoted fans, is hard to explain to the uninitiated, and only really compares to the actual physical presence of a match, tournament or contest. But if you read this article and run a pub or bar for a considerable amount of time, you probably understand all of this.

We're here to help you select the best projector to bring your customers a fantastic atmosphere and experience. So read on for a preview of the best projector for pubs and bars in 2020 as well as a short summary of the top features you need to know for the right pick. 

Key features for pub and bar projectors

In the past few years, the aspirations of most punters have shifted. First, most people have big TVs built at home with excellent sound systems. You'll need to give them an atmosphere that beats their home set-ups to get them off the couch and into your bar. We've listed the main features you need to consider if you're looking to Comprehend the best sports bar or pub projector 2020 


You're going to need a minimum of 2,500 lumens brightness for 2.5 m widescreen. That's just a matter of fact. Anything worse and you face blurry pictures that can not cope with the natural illumination from windows or entrances. Larger displays would need additional lighting to ensure that the image clarity is as visible as it needs to be during certain big sporting events.

Increasing the brightness level to more than 5,000 lumens is a smart decision if you're projecting where there are several walls, skylights, outdoor, or marquee environments. There, natural light flows through and dilutes the contrast of the pictures. For more detail on brightness specifications for various conditions, take a look at how bright the projector you need 

Good video performance (and HD resolution)

That is something you just can't sacrifice when it comes to viewing athletic activities where rapid motion and quick-changing perspectives are so plentiful. Using a high resolution plays a major part in achieving this quality, providing more pixels per square inch, enabling the consumers to truly concentrate on the details that matter.


Pubs and bars are available in various shapes and sizes. You may run a regular high street bar with plenty of wall space for a good size projector screen, or you might be in some sort of unusual renovation with other pillars and immovable features that may prevent audiences from seeing the projection.

It is important to negotiate clumsy spaces by having a decent horizontal and vertical lens shift, which means that the projector can be set off-center (left, right, up or down from the screen) and still project a square image without having to resort to the keystone – which affects clarity.


Most projectors come with a large amount of flexibility these days, in terms of accessibility. The most important thing is that you can connect items like Sky or Freeview to your projector, but you may also want to watch live games from the internet.

Finally, we agree that the models that now come with HDBaseT input compatibility give a tremendous benefit to some bars and pubs that demand exceptionally high-quality content over a longer cable reach, with limited turbulence. It greatly reduces the risks and difficulties of the installation.


This isn't necessarily a must, so if you want your projector to work as long as you can after you mount it, the laser is the way to go. Essentially, you can get better reliability and lower maintenance standards relative to normal bulb projectors.


Here are some final tips when it comes to selecting the right pub projector. 

First, don't lose sight of the fact that sports fans will be at the front and center when it comes to pub improvements

Second, a decent projector is a nice place to start, but don't forget to make extras. Decent seats, space for people to stand and watch, and a high-quality projector screen will all improve the overall viewing experience.

Finally, note that as a pub or sports bar that holds live events, you're still up against pressure, whether it's live matches, great home theatre experiences, or even a bar across the lane. If you let yourself slip behind, you're going to do it at your own risk!