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Dangbei · 09 Jun 2020

How to Choose Android TV Box (10 Tips)

Nowadays, Android TV boxes are becoming more common.

Have you ever asked why?

The film world has improved. Imagine a world of movies and music in your pockets, where you can pick the stuff you want to stream, enjoy, and listen to.

And, this isn't a secret that ...

Such Android TV boxes have opened up a plethora of possibilities. You can search the internet, read articles, buy, access social media pages, write emails, and a variety of other possibilities.

Now, while we're searching for the right Android TV box, there's a ton of different choices to pick from. So, we've got to know which Android TV box to buy. It doesn't hurt to follow the tips on the article.

Let's get started now!

Choose the Right Processor

Dangbei Right Processor.png

RAM and processing power are an important feature. We all want a smooth Android TV box that's going to be a hassle if it lags when you're using it.

Consider an Android TV system with at least 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU or higher. Android TV console with an octa-core processor is the best one!

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Check the Storage Option

The ram capacity of the Android TV box lets the operating system work. As a result, both the operating system and memory storage should work together. Most Android TV boxes have only 8 GB internal storage, and the operating system takes up a significant part of it.

Choose an Android TV box that has at least 4 GB of RAM and at least 32 GB of storage space. In addition, be sure to purchase a TV box that supports the external storage of at least 64 GB of a microSD card.

Look for Available USB ports 

At least 2 USB port, Bluetooth recipient, and peripherals are required for an Android TV box.

In addition, choose a USB 3.0 TV box, which is efficient than USB 2.0. For anyone utilizing external drives, a USB 3.0 is more important. But a USB 2.0 would be all right when you use only ordinary peripherals.

Check for the Video and Display

For video and display choices, you will look into a few items.

HDMI: An HDMI 2.0 is a 4 K video necessity.

Refresh dynamic rates: dynamically changes the rate of refreshment between the source and Screen, providing the best view possible.

The norm for compressing videos and making it easy to connect via the network is HEVC (hight output video encoding). 265 Hardware Decoding: H.265 compresses photos or videos that can accommodate up to 8 K resolution effectively.

Choose an Android TV box to accommodate 4 K and HD video delivery, especially if you're a fan of Netflix and YouTube.

Determine the Operating System Version

You will choose an Android TV box running beyond Android 5.0 in an operating system (Lollipop). Otherwise, Ignoring the older versions because those TV boxes can not be updated. We suggest that you buy the Android TVbox that Android 6.0 or later supports.

Check the Options for Network Connectivity 

What network connectivity for your Android television box is important to determine.

Wi-Fi: At least 802.11ac should be provided with smooth video reproduction. We all hate our buffering for films. In turn, pick a double band router and a network adapter to have the sluggish signal quicker.

Gigabit Ethernet: The signal or gateway doesn't have to fear, it's a stable link.

Determine Bluetooth Support 

There is an Android TV box which does not support Bluetooth. This functionality is essential for the transfer of Bluetooth enabled files from your phone to the TV set. Thus, it is important to decide whether Bluetooth is enabled.

Check for Google Play Support 

To reduce the trouble and effort of GAPP installation, select an Android TV box that supports Google Play. The configuration is the same as with an Android smartphone, so only additional measures are required to maximize the usability of the TV unit.

Look for Unnecessary Features

Additional features are better possible but options are redundant which makes the product just expensive.

When selecting an Android TV box, we suggest avoiding this needless feature: 10-bit color: We thought that more color variation would better display, but in reality, more than 1024 different color variations could not really be supported.

Unless your TV supports a dark color, it would be worthless and expensive.

Dual-Boot: Avoid choosing an Android TV box with a dual-boot option, running two operating systems on one computer is needless.

Read the Product Reviews 

You ought to read feedback on the product before you purchase an Android TV box. Allow time to research this specific company in order to figure out what consumers experienced with the product. Customer analysis is a great way to make an educated choice to pick the best Android TV box.