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Dangbei · 29 May 2020

Home theater projector for gaming

With the rapid change of large-screen home entertainment technology, smart home projectors come into people's lives and enable gaming enthusiasts no longer enough to satisfy the traditional screens. Nothing more device offers a better immersive experience than a smart projector which provides a more realistic skin color, hair, and the texture of clothing, even more, than our own. 

Here are 4 tips we need to bear in mind when we picking a smart projector.  


Image processing ability

Image processing ability.png

The 120-inch screen of the projector will bring a strong visual shock, but whether it is a mobile phone projection screen or connect the projector through the HDMI cable has an issue with latency. For instance, said sound and picture out of sync, which will degrade the gaming experience quite a bit. The reason why is the lack of image processing power of the chip on the projector. Choose a projector equipped with the latest CPU could be a better choice for those who love to play big games like NS/PS4.  



An image of the projector is made up of one small highlight, the more highlight, the clearer the details of the image, As often as the details have key information about the game pass. 1080P/60 fps is the current configuration of the mainstream gaming projectors on the market. Dangbei F1 has reached this standard regardless of resolution and configuration. Connect with the projector through HDMI, it can adjust the resolution of the output device and the fps of the game screen. Basically feel no delay. 



HDR is an important function for the game except for resolution and chips, theres a lot of variation in the light and darkness of the picture whether its an action game or a shooter, with the help of HDR, the image by the projector will be full in detail and strong contrast between light and dark. And the Dangbei projector contains HDR10+ technology make the picture looks brighter and realistic

MEMC Motion compensation

MEMC Motion compensation.png

When the game screen does not reach 60 fps per second in faster motion, it will have the effect of tearing, jams, and dragging. but Motion compensation will improve this problem perfectly. its an intelligent algorithm that generates additional frames for the motion track, which can increase the rate to 150% at the highest, keeping the picture smooth throughout.