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Dangbei · 24 Jun 2020

Four things extend the life of the projector

The same projector has a different service life.

This is the question of many projection users, and the projector purchased at the same time needs to be repaired after using it for a year or two, while others' are still intact.

The following is an analysis of why there is a difference in the service life of the same projector and how can we improve the service life of the projector?


 Projector collision

With the popularity of intelligent portable projectors, people no longer stick to hoisting when using projectors, most of them are removable, which leads to the collision of projectors.

As the internal electronic components of the projector are fragile, a bump may cause damage.

Suggestion: mounting on the ceiling ais the best way. Another way is you can use a projection bracket to prevent unnecessary bumping.


 Turn on and turn off frequently

Every time we turn on and off the projector, there will be a large impulse current, which will impact the components inside the projector. If the projector is switched on and off too frequently, the worst result will be the electrical short circuit of the projector components. The life of the projector is naturally reduced.

Suggestion: after the projector is turned on or turned off if you want to turn it off or turn it on again, it is recommended to stay in the current state for about half an hour to operate, so that the damage to the projector components will be reduced to a minimum. 


Clean up the dust regularly


It will have a great impact on the heat dissipation of the projector while the projector is not cleaned regularly. once the internal temperature of the projector is too high, the optical machine and circuit components of the projector will be damaged, which will greatly affect the life of the projector.

And the projector has the phenomenon of automatic shutdown, the biggies reason is that the internal temperature is too high.

Suggestion: it is necessary to clean the filter of the projector once a month. After cleaning, it must be thoroughly dried before it is installed back. 

Work continuously for a long time.

Projector heat dissipation also has a limit. The projector's internal temperature will continue to rise leading to cause damage to the projection equipment while the working of the projector for a long time.

Suggestion: after using the projector for about 4 hours, let the projector stop working for a while.

This is why the life of the projector is different and how to improve the life of the projector. I hope your projector will be the same after a few years.